About Us

Roboost is a startup company established in 2020 and specialized in technology solution development. We are developing an automated delivery management solution that optimizes every aspect of delivery operation using artificial intelligence to eliminate human biases, reduce cost, and increase delivery operation productivity.

We are successfully optimized more than 4 million orders in more than 300 stores that manage their 2100+ delivery agents through our system. We are proud to have well-known national and international brands in our ecosystem, including but not limited to, (Burger King, Cinnabon, El Abd, Kosharu Abo Tarek, Healthy and Tasty Supermarket, Appetito, and Pharmacy chains such as Delmar & Atalla)

Our vision is to reshape the delivery operation all over the world through full automation and comprehensive analytics of performance management and gap detection that we provide to our clients instantly and in a real-time manner.

We are confident in our business solution and the features we provide to our clients that dramatically and radically change the quality of their businesses allowing cost-effective scalability. We provide one-month cash-back as we start with our clients to test the power of our solution; they are free to recall their first month’s payment if they are not satisfied with our way of serving their needs

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